Unlock the Power of Customer Feedback with QR Code Reviews
Gather customer feedback with ease. QR code reviews let customers leave quick, simple feedback with just a scan. Get valuable insights to improve your business. Try it now.
Our service allows for quick and hassle-free resolution of issues
Feedback remains within the app, where it can be analyzed and feedback can be provided to the customer. Negative reviews about your business are not spread online.
How does it works?
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Just point your camera.
Avoid Reputation Damage: A Bad Review in Public Space is a Blow to Your Reputation. We Can Help You Avoid This.
How Our Service Benefits Your Business
Turn casual customers into loyal ones and attract new ones!
Customer Database
Be instantly aware of new feedback and respond promptly.
Rapid Problem Resolution
Track patterns and adjust your strategy.
See through the eyes of your customers and find out what can be improved.
Identifying Weaknesses
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Negative reviews can impact your company's reputation and sway potential customers in public spaces.
What makes negative reviews dangerous?
If you don't address a negative review, it's unlikely that the author of the review will come back to you.
Loss of a Customer
Businesses with low ratings lose revenue because potential customers go to competitors.
Decline in Profitability
Efforts will have to be made to counteract negative reviews in the public space.
Negative Consequences
Handle negative feedback quickly, efficiently, and with minimal expenses.
Minimize risks and resolve issues
Discover the root cause of your customer's dissatisfaction
Minimize Negative Feedback
Seek solutions for problems and strive for improvement
Developing Your Business Strategies
Find out what consistently triggers customer complaint
Discover Your Weaknesse
Protect your reputation from random comments
Supporting Your Image
Our service interface is very simple and understandable to anyone who is proficient in using a computer and a smartphone.
Thank.ws - Personal Account
Thank — A Comprehensive Set of Tools for Business
Service Capabilities
View statistics on reviews and ratings in the form of an easy-to-understand visualization.
Unlimited Number of QR Codes
Adding an Employee
Add new branches as needed. Thank grows with you!
Analytics Panel
Create a unique QR code and a separate section of the service for each branch.
You will receive a ready-made poster template with the code. Simply print it out!
E-mail Notifications
Print Materials
Find out about new reviews instantly and work with them promptly.
Delegate work with reviews to those you trust.
Creation/Addition of Objects
Service for evaluating customer satisfaction.
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